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My name is Jason Ray.  As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up listening to AOR (album oriented rock) radio.  I’ve always favored the sounds of what is known today as “classic rock.”  My musical taste buds never changed.  Soon after I became a Christian at age 14, I discovered Christian rock music.  Looking back reminds me of how gratifying it was to know that I could still enjoy the same style of music without all of the negative influences.  All musical talent is gifted by the Lord, but it’s up to the individuals blessed with these creative abilities to choose how to use it.  I’m so grateful that we’ve been given a treasure chest of incredible rock & roll that was purposefully written and recorded to honor the Lord. My professional career includes 17 years as a broadcaster and promoter of Christian music with KSBJ in Houston and radio stations in Beaumont, TX.  Working in radio afforded me the opportunity to meet many recording artists and collect a large library of Christian rock.
This station features what I believe to be much of the best Christian rock of the last five decades (1970 – present).   You’ll hear a mix of hard rock, blues rock, acoustic rock, heavy metal, southern rock, progressive rock, and a variety of alternative rock from the 80’s/90’s/00’s and today.  What you WON’T hear are the fringe sounds of rock – thrash/speed metal, hardcore punk, ska, black metal, and the growling/rage screaming rock (screamo) that has become so prevalent in recent years.  That music has a place and a purpose, but not here.  Our format is a cross between classic rock, modern hard rock, and adult alternative rock, all the while maintaining a classic rock blend.  Also, our library includes a memorable selection of great Christian rock oldies that have never been released on CD.  These songs have been preserved in mint vinyl condition, so they’ll be delivered to your ears in high-quality broadcast sound.  This may be the only place you’ll ever hear some of these classic tunes…at Power Rock Cafe.   So, turn it up and enjoy!